Samantha Coyle

Austin, TX · (830) 477-1833 ·

Software engineer, Go enthusiast, and speaker with love for all things Open Source, Samantha spends her days developing Go microservices for computer vision-based applications for retail and healthcare solutions. She also has a history of developing Go microservices for industrial applications at the edge. She is CKAD certified, dedicates time to technical reviewing several Go textbooks, and is passionate about empowering early career and diverse professionals.

Samantha has presented at various conferences and competitions in the past that show her dedication to diversity and inclusion, sustainability and ethics, and growing herself as an engineer. Her favorite conference experience to date has been the surprise of presenting at GopherCon 2022 main stage!

Samantha is part of a family of Gophers! She enjoys attending GopherCon with her older brother, Ethan - the OG Gopher of the family, and her identical twin sister, Cassandra - the other Gopher in the family.


Software Engineer


I am working on a reference implementation to automatically run inferencing through a ML pipeline at the edge within the healthcare space. I worked on the Go backend services, set up Go integration testing, and enabled observability and log analytics through the additions of TIG stack - Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana and ELK stack - Elasticsearch, Logstash (replaced with Filebeat), and Kibana. I am working to implement internationalization, traceability, and improve stability, among other backend tasks. The technology used includes Go, Angular, Docker, REST, EdgeX Foundries, TIG & ELK stack, Agile Scrum practices, and a microservice-based architecture.

I also assisted an AI developer experience project to identify pain points and potential solutions for novice AI developers. We were working to design computer vision (CV) tools to enable end users to better deploy CV solutions at the edge focusing on camera placement, solution observability and telemetry, technical innovations around in/out occupancy counting, etc. A patent was submitted leveraging this work, and these efforts were continued to assist in testing an internal AI model development offering.

I previously developed a Smart City (security as a service) solution. This was an Open Source project using Go, Python, Postgres, Angular, Grafana, Docker, Agile Scrum practices, REST, OpenVINO, GStreamer, and a microservice architecture. This solution was presented at the OSS and is linked here. The Go integration testing solution journey was presented main stage at GopherCon 2022 and is linked here.

March 2021 - Present

Junior Software Engineer


I contributed on backend efforts to update several Go microservices to using the Ryer pattern, Cobra pkg, and an explicit client/server paradigm. I helped establish monitoring services for the microservices using Prometheus, Grafana, Node Exporter, and Docker. I also helped with the deployment of the microservices to cyberphysical test beds, pioneered the testing suite for service-level testing using the test-containers pkg, and contributed on various other backend projects.

June 2020 - March 2021

Software Engineer Co-op


I created templates to build and deploy Python packages and Docker containers using Azure MLFlow and Databricks. Contributed on a team developing infrastructure with Ansible and Terraform w.r.t. internal tools.

January 2020 - May 2020

Software Engineer Intern

Dell Technologies

Brought to the table scaling strategy for production Kubernetes cluster. Collaborated on various Go programs for Saas platform on Azure. Utilized Ansible Automation software to automate and track the restarting of services.

May 2019 - August 2019

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Texas State University

Implemented a tuning framework for data placement in unified memory systems characterizing the performance trade offs of host and device placement at the data structure level. Presented research on the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem at the Super Computing Conference, and presented research on runtime efficiency and resource consumption for languages with widely varying architectural elements.

February 2018 - May 2019

Software Engineer Co-op


Gathered Kubernetes cluster metrics for Saas infrastructure in AWS. Scraped cluster metrics with Prometheus and displayed with Grafana. Worked on AWS Lambda functions with a focus on cost efficiency.

October 2018 - December 2018

Software Engineer Intern


Designed database and backend infrastructure for Project Labor Management. Engineered user interface for simplifiying work allocation tasks for the corporation.

June 2018 - August 2018

Computer Science Grader

Texas State University

Utilized Linux CLI to review and grade student assignments for Data Structures and Assembly Language.

January 2018 - May 2018


Texas State University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 4.0

August 2016 - May 2020


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Multi-cloud experience
  • Go best practices
  • Go microservices


Apart from being a computer scientist, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I love running and working out to stay active and fit. I also am a member of a community volleyball league where I laugh so hard my face hurts. It's a blast.

When indoors, I like to work on crafts projects with my Cricut, play with my dog and kitties, and spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the Gopher and Open Source community. I love all things related to Go, Open Source, and AI/ML.

Outside of keeping myself busy with work, career-growth activities, and conferences, I am focusing on travel activites and trying to figure out what/when/where my next move will be. Stay tuned :)



Women Who Go Austin Co-Organizer
Coordinate meet ups and learning/networking opportunities for community members.
October 2022 - Present
Texas State Women's Club Volleyball Co-President
Coordinated practices, touranments, coaches, and players.
August - December 2019
International Business Ethics Case Competition Team Captain
As a leader for the team, I would help us pick our topic, divy up tasks, create deadlines, and prepare us for the 30-minute, 10-minute and 90-second competitions.
August 2016 - June 2019


Dell Social Media Hackathon
Our solution was a LinkedIn-ish + Facebook-ish corporate social media platform.
May 2019
Dell Dorm Room Hackathon
Our team solution was a web application to find open seating at the office.
October 2018


Software Professionals Conference


Presented on the journey our team had in implementing a Go integration testing solution for our Smart City Solution intead of the typical Python Robot framework approach our organization would take. This was a recorded presentation with a colleague that received many questions, and was well received by the internal Intel audience. It highlighted the software process improvements and organizational benefits this change created through improved software quality, happier developers, and implemented cutting edge technology.

Nov 2022


Main Stage Presenter
Chicago, Illinois

Presented main stage at GopherCon 2022 to a room of ~600 attendees on my team's journey through integration testing with Go, and what could Go wrong (pun intended!). We discussed the steps to set up test dependencies, the creation of a custom package to help write test cases, and issues where packages were adding characters to Go test output resulting in the misinterpretation of those results by our test report tool. It was quite the journey, and a fun one to present and share learnings on! Information on the talk may be found on the GopherCon website and via the YouTube recording.

Oct 2022

Grace Hopper Conference

Orlando, Florida

Presented a hands-on workshop with a colleague leveraging Open Source tooling to simplify & automate the video/image labeling process. This was presented to a room of ~170 workshop attendees where we used Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), which is hosted under the OpenCV umbrella, to annotate video footage, understand the challenges and best practices along the way, and demonstrate how much of a team-centric activity this process is for a person tracking annotation project.

Sept 2022

Open Source Summit

Austin, Texas

This was my first time speaking at a professional conference. I love OSS because of the amazing community, networking opportunities, learnings, and experiences. Neethu and I presented on our team's Smart City Solution which leverages a bunch of Open Source technologies. We had ~90 attendees, an excited room, and lots of questions. It was a blast! Info on our presentation can be found here and the recording may be found here. I also participated in the 5k for the conference one morning!

June 2022

RBHE Virtual Leadership Summit

Austin, Texas

This summit was all about leadership and shaping the future together. I really enjoyed the talk on courageous leadership to deconstruct the impossible, as well as the one on perspective and our own visual and vocal image.

Nov 2021

Texas Women's Conference

Austin, Texas

I got goosebumps listening to many of the talks for this virtual conference. I loved the talks on building trust in the new hybrid workspace, power and confidence, and facing your fears: stop being held back. As I am defining what I want out of life and my career aspirations, this conference really hit home for me.

Oct 2021

Society of Women Engineers Conference

Austin, Texas

This virtual conference was so inspirational. The theme was aspire to inspire. I really enjoyed the talks on using fear as fuel to overcome our own barriers to change, inspirational insights on radical candor to create a culture of feedback, and entrepreneurship..

Oct 2021

Intel Leadership Conference

Austin, Texas

This virtual conference covered a wide range of leadership topics from transformative leadership, how to be a better team player, leadership in horse packs, and financial planning.

June 2021

AWS Re:Invent

We Power Tech Grant Recipient
Las Vegas, Nevada

This conference was full of AWS talks, workshops, labs, people, and more. I furthered my knowledge of AWS services, and am using this knowledge to work towards getting my first AWS certificate.

December 2019

Open Source Summit & Embedded Linux Conference

Diversity Scholarship Recipient
San Diego, California

I learned more about opportunities within the open source community, and met so many amazing people at this conference. I want to work on more projects within the Go community.

August 2019


Diversity Scholarship Recipient
San Diego, California

This is absolutely my favorite conference thus far! I was able to learn about cool things going on with Go, network with gophers, and share this experience with my twin sister and brother.

June 2019

Super Computing

Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates Program
Dallas, Texas

I was able to network with graduate students and researchers to learn more about High Performance Computing. I also presented a poster on the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem (DFLP), where we proposed a more efficient solution for facility layouts in terms of material handling costs and relocation costs.

November 2018

Women in Science & Engineering Conference

Poster Presenter
San Marcos, Texas

I presented research I conducted on several programming languages with widely varying architectures. I analyzed resource consumption and runtime efficiency and presented my work with a poster.

March 2018



IEEE Smart City Data Analytics
Paper is a work in progress, and is set to be published early 2023.
Jan 2023
IEEE Smart City Architecture using Open Source Technology at the Edge
Overview of the Open Source tools brought together to create a Smart City Solution is found here.
Nov 2022
ACM/IEEE Super Computing Conference Paper
Dynamic Facility Layout problem research is found here.
Nov 2018


Medium Blog Posts

Some things in life are worth waiting for, even other services
Overview of the waiting of service dependency options for Go microservices, and learnings along the way using the Go version of wait-for-it.
Dec 2023

Awards & Certifications

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Certification - Nov 2021
  • Architecting on AWS training - July 2019
  • AWS Business Essentials training - July 2019
  • Undergraduate Research Excellence Award - April 2019
  • Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award - April 2019
  • Scrum Framework Certification - June 2018